6 Effective Ways To Prevent Yourself From Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has hit the whole world so critically that the whole world is under severe lockdown. We have to take some precautions as given below to prevent ourselves in these conditions.


Washing hands is the basic necessity that every one should follow. You must wash your hands very frequently. Do not forget to wash your hands before and after eating as well. You should wash your hands atleast for 20 seconds. It can help you as it can kill the virus from your hand. If you are somewhere where you do not have soap, always remember to keep sanitizer with yourself and use it time to time.


One thing you really need to keep in mind is that Do not go anywhere. You have to stop going to parties, group meetings, malls, cinemas, playgrounds, offices, and all other market places where a lot of people are gathered. You never know which person is infected and from what surfaces can you catch the infection. Therefore, you should avoid going to crowded places. It can help you to get protected from contagious people.


According to a research, a normal person touches his/her face atleast 2000-3000 times a day which is enough to spread infection from your hands to your body through eyes, nose, mouth. So, doctors and scientists forbid you to touch your face oftenly.


The whole world is going through quarantine. Every country is locked down. All social activities have been stopped by goverenment of each country to avoid people gatherings. Staying at our homes will help in breaking the coronavirus chain. If this chain is not broken, it will be disastrous leading to high mortality rate. So, avoid going outside, just stay at home for your own safety.


Coronavirus can be spread easily through human contacts. It does not spread through air, but is dangerous through the grounds. Shaking hands with people may lead the virus to be transferred from an infected person to a healthy person. So, you should not shake hands or come closer to anybody. Also, stay away from a person who is coughing or sneezing as the droplets can infect you as well.


Covid-19 directly hits your respiratory system , hence, affecting your lungs badly. Thus, it is obvious that a person with weak immune system cannot fight coronavirus and may die due to it. You must have a strong immune system which can be build by leading a healthy lifestyle. Wake up early in the morning, do exercise, meditate a little, drink lots of water, eat green vegetables, drink milk, have fruits, do yoga and work on your mental as well as physical health so that the virus could not infect you. You should eat healthier as much you can.

We must keep every safety measure in mind and take all the precautions otherwise our condition will be no less than Italy’s. Coronavirus outbreak in Italy has been worst and we should follow the government’s rules so that we do not reach that stage.


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