Shocking News : The Most Grovelling App Tik Tok Finally Banned In India.

Tik Tok Banned In India

tik tok ban

The most popular app for making short videos is now banned by the government of India. The government asks apple and google to take down Tik Tok from their app stores and now the app is removed from the play store as well as apple store.

The app has made everybody crazy and addicted to it. The current generation is so addicted to it that they even skip their meals and spend hours just making Tik Tok videos. The app has shifted the attention of many people from working for a better future to just wasting time on Tik Tok videos. Therefore, the decision to ban Tik Tok in India is finally out and confirmed.

Around 188 Million New Users From All Over The Globe

tik tok ban

Tik Tok had its best percentage so far with around 188 million new users. But the shocking part is that; out of those 188 million users from all over the world, 88.6 million users are from India. The survey is done by sensor tower.

Tik Tok had a drastic growth in recent times and most of its users were android users. It is calculated that Andriod is the greatest platform for the app with around 99% of its downloads from the Google Play Store. So, the app is finally taken down.

What Is The Reason Behind Tik Tok Ban?

tik tok ban

The initiative was taken by Madras High Court directing to the centre to ban Tik Tok in India. The step was taken because they believed that Tik Tok contains some irrelevant stuff and also alleges that the app “promotes pornography”.

Here Is A Tweet By The Times Now

Many people, by using Tik Tok gained a lot of followers and fame and some also become celebrities through it. Many celebrities even used Tik Tok to enhance their fan following.

Tik tok ban

But now, when Tik Tok is banned, the people will need to find another way to entertain their audiences.

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