Super Contra Apk v1.2 (Unlimited Lives) Download For Android

Super Contra Apk v1.2 with which you will get to access all the Ads Removed and unlimited lives for absolutely free of cost. In this article we will be telling you everything about this Mod APK including the downloading steps and other features. So let’s get started with it.

Introduction Of Super Contra Apk

Everyone today is changing, from the world to people, everyone is developing with the new era. Whenever we think about developing it is always fast The major reason behind this factor is a new emerging technology. Due to the help of the internet everything, today seems very easily accessible. So people are moving towards the internet and technology more and more. Though every user is connected with the world during some points a little bit of alone time is needed. As we constantly view so many different things our brain just freaks out without even letting us realize that. So the reason why today’s generation is considered so lazy is because of the point we discussed above.

But today more internet users are using their smart devices just for some random sort of entertainment. On the internet one can find everything he/she wants but yet most of the users do not use the internet to its max potential. Though some people have a very heavy workload on their head therefore they do work on their devices all day long. But doing so isn’t the right thing too there should be a balance in life concerning work. All this is thanks to work from home, which has destroyed the work-study life balance of many working professionals.

But everyone owns a smartphone so taking some time out and doing something enjoyable will surely help you boost your mood. You can just play a simple game on your smartphone to cut out ties with the outer world. It’s best to be happy alone rather than being tired together. One of the best games to remove your stress is Super Contra 4. Yes, you might’ve already heard or played this game before. It is a very famous game with a huge fanbase.

Details Of Super Contra Apk (Unlimited Lives)

Name Super Contra Apk
  Version 1.2
Size 44 Mb
Google Play Link com.TopIdea
Mod Features – No
Latest Update 05-Mar-2021
Price Free
Genre Casual, Adventure
Required Android 4.4+


Gameplay Of Super Contra Apk for Android

Well if you’ve already played this game then you might remember old gaming consoles that were used previously. This is an old game but the action and adventure content are still the same as before. The developers loved this game so much that they even created an Android version of this game too. This game has been developed by Top Idea Studios, all of the features of this game have been redesigned for smartphone players.

Many players still love this game just like before. But with this new android version developers have added some new features too. We’ll be discussing some interesting features of this game further in this article. However, the concept of this game hasn’t been changed you’ll have to do everything the same just like the console version of this game. So there will be many levels which you’ll need to clear after that you’ll be allowed to fight against the final boss of this game.

This game has numerous levels so it’ll be extremely difficult for you to get bored with this game. So the game starts when you’re just walking around and suddenly some monsters pop-up in front of you. You are an army commander so you just know how to kill. At first, you have only a normal gun, that is enough to kill initial monsters. But when you go ahead powers of monsters increases so you’ll also need to upgrade your weapon. On your way to kill monsters, you have to collect orbs. When you have collected enough of these orbs then your current weapon will be automatically upgraded. Also, make sure to collect hearts while playing so that your life will increase. Make sure not to get hit by monsters as that will decrease your life.

Graphics Of Super Contra APK for Android

In the older or parent version of this game, the quality of graphics was amazing compared to the graphics of that time. But now the gaming community has been developed so much. So if we play that game with those graphics then it’ll be very boring. However, developers have modified the graphics of this game to the standard of new smartphones. The optimization is very well suited and adapted by almost every smartphone. Every new user loves the new graphical performance.

Sharpness and color optimizing have enhanced the playing experience of the user. The game has a 30fps frame rate with astounding 720p screen resolution.

Features Of Super Contra Apk v1.2 

Nintendo Feel

With this newly created game, many players are used to playing it on Nintendo consoles. So developers have made controls in this android version the same as the Nintendo ones. Now players will get the same feel as Nintendo consoles but on their smartphones.

Unlimited Lives


It’s an excellent application/game. This app/game it’s trusted by many users so the UI and experience you’ll get is very premium. Also if you face any difficulties while using, you can connect with customer care through mail or by app/game itself


Is this Mod Apk safe?

Yes for sure, Super Contra is safe for the user.

Will I be able to share this account in Super Contra with multiple users?

No, you will not be able to use Super Contra  apk account with multiple users. 

Will this Mod Apk get banned?

The maximum chances are no. But if you do not use Super Contra properly, this apk mod can get banned.


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