What Is The Role Of Internet In Modern Education ?

Why do intermediate colleges need language labs and internet facilities?

Internet Education is very important for students. Everybody knows that the books we study do not get updated everyday. The General Knowledge book can not add content to it daily. The statistics given in the books remain same even after several years. Therefore, I believe, there is an immense need to introduce internet facilities in intermediate colleges and schools. Internet is one of the most powerful things in this world. If we hook up internet with education it can help in solving many of the problems.

Whenever we have any doubts, we search them on Google instead of reading books related to it. Internet gives answers in a fraction of seconds which is less time consuming. We get different answers in different websites that helps us to clear doubts more specifically. Internet has proved to be more efficient.

Many of the private schools and colleges are already using internet with education. This facility should be set up in government institutes too.


Internet is undoubtedly more competent than book stores and libraries where you have to first travel and then spend a lot of time to search a good book.Internet is best for doing research work.You find a lot of information about the same topic .The content is in abundance.We do not need to get out of our homes and travel to some kilometers to get information.We can get all the answers from google. There are lots of videos and applications that are primarily based on education .We can study through them. E books are also trending today. We do not need to buy books from stores. All this is possible because of internet. Students from different countries get to learn through online lectures given by the best teachers from all over the world.Online tests are also available to test your knowledge.It is very clear that internet helps in improving the quality of education.


It is an advantage for the students that they can connect to their teachers even after schools and colleges. Online learning enables a student who is unable to come to institute to learn through video call sessions during the lectures. These lectures can help students to learn from his home.So, there is a better understanding between students and teachers through this connectivity.


Education through internet is available everywhere. It is possible to study online in any part of the world. We can learn in any circumstances. We can apply online for any course according to our interests. For eg. A person who wants to improve his voice quality can apply for an institute where training is possible through internet. So, it is the flexibility of internet that it is able to reach millions and billions of people around the world.


Internet learning is cost efficient. Any person of any financial status can afford it. The cost for using internet is not too high. Therefore,it is very easy for all to learn through internet. The courses available online are actually very less money consuming than regular courses. Internet education is cheaper and effective.


Reading a single book to clear all your doubts is not enough. You have to go through a number of good books which requires a lot of time and patience. Internet provides a quick access to information and that too in abundance.Going through different websites is much easier than going through books.


Internet in educational institutes will be really helpful in conducting events and other activities. The students will get updates about each happening. Moreover sharing information through online groups is more convenient because it will save time and the information will be accurate. Projects and assignments have always been very difficult but through internet the work load becomes much lesser.


There are many applications related to education. Physical activities are very important but so is mental growth. Many mind games are available online that can also be introduced to students so that they can be prepared for the future mentally as well.


Smart class education should be the primary way of teaching. So that students need not to bring heavy bags with them but free minds. Educating the students properly should be the basic aim of the system. Examinations can also be held online which will test knowledge not memory of the student.

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