5 Reasons Why Music Is The Best Way To Relax During Lockdown.

Music Is The Best Way To Relax During Lockdown.

The whole world is going through a very hard time and every single person is required to be in complete isolation which we call as lockdown. People have never been in such a situation before that is why many persons are suffering from serious mental issues. Today, I am about to tell you the 5 reasons why music is the best way to relax during lockdown.

If you have been in self quarantine for more than 2 months, it is very likely for you to get hit by a lot of mental disorders, frustration, irritation, lack of concentration and many more such factors. But, the best way to get rid of all these problems is music. It is the best way to relax during lockdown. It does not matter if you are a music lover or not, but, you have to admit that listening to appropriate music can help you through it.

Helps In Reducing Stress

music releases stress

As we all know that music is a way through which our muscles and nerves get relaxed. Listening to the right kind of music during lockdown can surely act as an reducing agent to your mind and body.

Here is the list of some best kind of music that we must hear to reduce stress during lockdown:

  • Classical music(raagas)
  • Semi-classical music (thumri,dadra,tappe,etc)
  • Light music (ghazals,bhajans,etc)
  • Soft songs
  • Meditation sounds

You have a number of ways to relax down yourself in case you feel frustration or agitation. There is no such compulsion that you have to listen only music that is listed above. If you have your own playlist that helps you in reducing stress, you can go for it. It is indeed the best way to relax during lockdown.

Here is a video of a stress relieving thumri sung by Vanshika Jaral.


So, this was one for people who listen to music. There is another solution for people who are actually musicians that I will be listing in one of the next few points.

Increases Retention

retention during lockdown

This lockdown period is already been 2 months long in some countries. And, we do not know how much more time will it take to get things back to normal. Nobody knows for how much more time a person has to stay like this. Therefore, it is very important for all to retain themselves. At this time, retention matters a lot.

Now you will be wondering how music can help us in retaining ourselves during lockdown. Well, it is very clear that music does calms our mind and soul that is directly proportional to retention. If our state of mind is happy and calm, we are more likely to retain ourselves in unlikely conditions.

Provides Mental Peace

Sometimes, our mind is in extreme state of mental/emotional disturbances that keeps on killing us from inside. It is very well said that Music is the best medicine for body, mind and soul. Music is sound and sound is rooted in vibrations. These vibrations develop very healthy energies to the mind.

music gives mental peace during lockdown

According to a research, a person is more likely to get depression during this lockdown period. There are many ways of coping with depression during lockdown but the best way to relax during lockdown is music. As, said above, music produces sounds. All the sound vibrations when gets absorbed through our body, can help ease the symptoms of depression.

Boosts Up Your Mood

music boosts up mood

Spending whole days in our homes, watching same faces, performing similar activities can make you feel irritation. And, sometimes, you will be having mood swings. The best thing you can do at that is listening to music. Or, if you are a musician it is icing on the cake for you. You can listen/sing as much songs as you want according to your mood. You will be having numerous number of songs and change them as per your mood.

I have a solution for people who like to sing to overcome stress and depression. If you are a singer, lockdown is the best opportunity for you to work on your vocals. You have plenty of time to find out ways to improve your voice culture.

Not only musicians but for everyone else also, this is the best time to find your real potential. You can utilize this time for your own betterment and after this lockdown ends you will be a better version of yourself.

Keeps Us Connected

stay connected during lockdown

Music is something that keeps us connected in any kind of situation through musical videos, audios and much more. Many people have taken the initiative to start many online competitions to keep people engaged through different activities in this situation.

Sharing videos and audios can boost up a person’s confidence when he gets good reviews from people. Also, it becomes a source of inspiration for many people to do the same. People develop a sort of invisible connection with each other through social media activities.

If we upload good music, it will help us to connect with more and more people. Ultimately, it will divert our mind from negative things and make us feel positive and happy.

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