Popular App TikTok Ratings Drops To 1.2 On Google Play Store.

As we all know that now a days Youtube v/s Tik Tok’s conflict is getting so viral. Renowned Youtuber Carryminati posted a video regarding all this stuff which got down by Youtube. This action of youtube has shown worse effects to tik tok.

carryminati youtube v/s tiktok

Tik tok which has been the hightest rated app till date is now going through some real issues. People are in huge support of Carryminati and a sudden feeling of hatred and abandonment is spreading among the people in relation with tik tok.

Tik tok in India is again in trouble. It was once banned from India due to its irrelevant content and now the app is again in danger. The very famous and popular application TikTok ratings drop from 4.5 to 1.2 stars.

Let’s See Why

It all started with Amir Siddique’s comments about Youtube v/s Tiktok on which Carryminati made a video that was ultimately taken down by Youtube.

carryminati v/s amir siddique

There is another main reason why the app dropped so badly. The whole trend to ban TikTok started when a popular TikTok star with 14 million followers posted a short video in bad taste that seemingly promoted acid attacks on women.

This video shows how he intentionally does all that stuff just to get likes and views. Having 14 M followers means that 14 M people follow whatever you do or post on social media. It is very irrelevant to post such kind of abusive content that can spread negative messages and promote crime rates in the societies.

laxmi agarwal on tiktok ratings drop

The acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal gives an angry reaction to Faisal Siddique’s controversial tik tok video. In her reply, she slammed the tik tok creators for promoting acid attack in the name of content creation. Laxmi calls such people a curse to our society.

Due to all this happening around, it is obvious that people will show anger in this respect. And, the anger is visible as tiktok ratings drop down by such a large number. Faizal Siddique’s tiktok account has also been taken down by tik tok authorities for creating violent content.


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