Mission Shakti : What is the surprise announcement made by PM Modi?

Mission Shakti

What is mission shakti and why it is path breaking?

After the Mai Bhi Chowkidar moment, PM Narendra Modi, again strikes the internet with a mission.

What was the pre-announcement ?

The surprise announcement from the prime minister Narendra Modi on 27th March hit the Twitter by storm.

He addresses the citizens of India and writes from his personal Twitter handle “I would be addressing the nation at around 11:45 AM – 12.00 noon with an important message. And, you can watch the address on television, radio or social media”.

In the beginning this resulted into a hilarious reactions from Twitter users. One Twitter user responds it with a meme which says that “Pal bhar theher jaao, dil ye sambhal jaaye”. But later on it hit the social media as a thunder.

Another reaction with a meme of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi thinking about what will it be.

Mission Shakti

One user taking a dig at the PM says, “Now some are saying that PM is about to tell the ending of Avengers End Game.”

Mission Shakti

An announcement to be proud of.

However, all the hilarious moments didn’t get vague when PM Modi shares the news about successful testing and completion of the ‘Mission Shakti’, which is utmost pride moment for all Indians.

PM Modi also points out that the intent of ‘Mission Shakti’ is not to start any arms race but to defend the Indian space assets.

He says “With this, India has registered itself as a space power”.

Mission Shakti – ASAT

‘Mission Shakti’, is a joint operation between ISRO and DRDO for testing the Anti-Satellite Missile technology.

During testing, India destroyed a live Low Earth Orbit satellite 300 km away through ASAT (Anti-satellite weapons) missile.

Mission Shakti

Previously about ASAT

Before India, only a few countries have hands on Anit-Satellite technology: The United States, Russia and China.

So, developing and demonstrating this technology made India to be part of an elite group of countries.

Mission Shakti

World’s view about India

US State Dept also tweets that: ‘Saw PM Modi’s statement announcing India’s anti-satellite test. As part of our strong strategic partnership with India,we’ll continue to pursue shared interests in space & scientific & technical cooperation including collaboration on security in space.’

Nowadays, India is developing its own vehicles for commercial satellite launches and launching satellites for other countries.

Source : Google


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