Accent Of This Bollywood Actress Is Better Than Kareena Kapoor. How To Work On It?

Who Is Better And Why?

Kareena Kapoor

From ‘Poo’ in ‘Kbhi Khushi Kbhi Ghum’ to ‘Kia’ in ‘Ki and Ka’ , Kareena has always proved to be a better version of herself. Kareena Kapoor also known as ‘Bebo’ is wife of the nawab of bollywood ‘Saif Ali Khan’. She is the diva and the heartthrob of many youngsters.

kareena kapoor

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is the top leading actress of Bollywood. But she has also set her place in Hollywood. She is the protagonist of the hollywood T.V series Quantico and did so well in it. She has worked with so many hollywood stars and is gaining a lot of fame through Hollywood as well.

priyanka chopra

But the question still remains the same.

Whose is better and why?

Well, both Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are one of the finest actresses in bollywood but what is the thing that makes them different from each other? Apart from dissimilarities, let’s talk about things they have in common.

Both are great actresses.
Both are famous and loved by viewers.
They both are worthy.
Both are bold and beautiful.

These are some of the similarities between them but how are they different from each other? What is that one quality that makes one better than the other?

Let me clear that Priyanka Chopra is also famous for her communication skills, the way she adresses herself and most importantly her accent which makes her different from other bollywood actresses’. Definitely, we can say that Priyanka Chopra has a better accent than Kareena Kapoor.

priyanka and kareena

Communication Skills

No matter how well you are dressed , how much money you have or how luxurious your life is ; the way you represent yourself in front of others defines your personality. It is the most important trait to become a person with good personality and having a good personality takes you a step further for having good communication skills.

Communication is the only way you can interact with each other but if you are bad at it, you can face many troubles in daily life. Having better communication skills means having better possibilities of influencing people with your words. Communication skills are important to perform some specified roles in your life. Like if you are good at convincing someone then you can have a great growth in marketing business. Communication skills matter everywhere in every field in which you want to dwell because whatever you do , you have to handle and face many people of different kinds in day to day life and if you are good in communicating with others, you can leave a bench mark.

Skills That You Need For Communication.

If you want to be a good speaker or you want to develop better communication skills, you must have the some specific traits within yourself. You have to go through the given points to learn why Priyanka Chopra has better communication skills. So, here are the skills that you definitely need if you want to improve your communication.


communication skills

This first thing you need to work on is body language. Your words must match with your body language. The other person can judge easily by the way you react to any situation.Your gestures depicts everything about your personality. So, it is very important to have a confident, sophisticated and gentle approach towards everything as it will help you to create an impact on other people and they will take you more seriously.


way of talking in communication

The way you talk to people should be effective, interesting and easy to understand. You should not complicate the conversation with the other person because there is no fun of communicating if the other person is unable to understand what you want to explain. You should always talk in such a way that the conversation becomes exciting and the people who are not even a part of it also show interest in listening to you. And most importantly, you must have the power the engage more and more audiences with you.


vocabulary in communication

It is very important to use appropriate and impactful words so that you create a smart and intelligent conversation with people. Using better words will only enhance your chances of getting a better quality of response from others. Improving vocabulary doesn’t mean to use difficult words, it just aims at using effective words. For eg: Instead of saying “I cannot avoid this situation.” you can say “This situation is unavoidable.” Here, using the word unavoidable makes the sentence shorter and clear, the word expresses it all and also, it sounds better. Or you can use the word ‘forbid’ instead of ‘not allowing’ or ‘disallow’. So, you really need to work on your vocabulary if you want communication skills like Priyanka Chopra.


connect with people

It is a very beneficial point for improving your communication skills. It is really important to connect with the mental state of your listeners. If you try to be more interactive, you will get to know about what the other person is thinking and gradually people will show more interest in talking to you. Try to make the conversation/session more interactive and exciting. Tell people that you have also gone through the same that they might be going through. Tell them that you used to be same as they are. You will find that you will never ever have any problems in communicating if you try to connect easily with people. And once you become master in this skill, there is no way the other person can beat you.

connect with people

People will actually love to listen to you and be in your company. No matter how good your communication skills are but if you lack in connecting with people, you can not gain their trust as making a connection is the best way to gain the trust of people.


data driven communication

If you know that you will be having a conversation or a speech on a particular topic, make sure you talk more about facts and less about invalid information. Make the communication reality based and targeted instead of just talking about irrelevant stuff. You must have a complete data about the topic. Before speaking about a particular topic, you have to go through the collection or analysis of data. This will help you to become more confident about yourself.



Pronunciation plays a crucial role in an effective communication. You must have the knowledge to pronounce words correctly. Your confidence will ultimately fall down if you are unable to pronounce specific words. Some people have accent problem that can not be solved but if you work hard on improving your pronunciation, you can also change the way you speak and make it better than before. It’s just that you have to pay attention to your mistakes and should not repeat them in future.


The reason behind why being a good listener is significant is that if you will not listen to other person, the other person will not listen to you. It is as simple as that. Firstly, you have to develop an interest in whatever the other person is saying only then he will show interest in you. It is very important to listen carefully to the other person’s thoughts and notice his actions and behaviour. Doing so will give you an idea about what you should say to him/her. You will have an idea about the kind of person he/she might be. So, it will be easy for you to communicate with him/her.

good listener

If you are working on the above given points, you will definitely develop a change in the way you communicate with people. Your level of confidence and self belief will increase gradually with the increase in your experience. You can become a better communicator just by following the above given points.

communication skills

Now, you know how can you lead your way to develop an accent like Priyanka Chopra’s.
One more quality about Priyanka is that she sings well. So, along with communication skills you can also learn know about the ways to improve your voice culture / quality if you want to become a good singer too. Go and practice these skills daily to grow and become a better communicator. All the above given points will surely help you in improving your communication skills.

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