What Are The Most Efficient Critical Thinking Skills To Be Used In Everyday Life?


Critical thinking is a way to analyse the various facts of a condition that leads to a conclusion.

  • It is the ability of a person to think distinctly and intelligibly.
  • It can also be described as the quality of a person of having independent thoughts and ideas .
  • Also, It is the power of an individual to think clearly and sensibly.


how does critical thinking work

  • Critical thinking is about constantly questioning ideas if you are in doubt.
  • It is about having a deep thought about assumptions rather than accepting whatever the other person may assume.
  • Critical thinking requires you to learn things at the moment rather than just being an inactive receiver of any information.
  • It makes you able to describe, examine, analyzing and figure out all the possible ways of solving a particular problem.
  • It does not allow you to be a slave of suspicion, misconception or intuitions because it enables your mind to behave rationally and distinctly.
  • Critical thinking, in particular, is a way to think the right perspective of any situation at the right time.
  • It makes your brain efficient of solving the same problem in different ways and also different problems in similar ways.
  • It helps in decision making as you gain the skills to tackle any kind of situation and by thinking critically, you will always make the right decisions in your life.
critical thinking


The skills that we need to think critically are:

  • Observation.
  • Reasoning.
  • Evaluation.
  • Analyzing power.
  • Interpretation.
  • Explanation.
  • Reflection.
  • Rendition.
  • Problem Solving Ability.
  • Decision Making.
critical thinking

Steps to become a critical thinker:

  • Think about a particular matter or issue in an objective and critical way.
  • Target or aim a subject that needs to be resolved.
  • There should be no confusion in your thoughts.
  • Recognize various contestation in particular topics.
  • Always try to build a strong and valid point of view.
  • Any negativity or disadvantage that you may find in the issue should be taken seriously and solved with intelligence.
  • Presence of mind is a necessity for thinking critically.
  • Provide a structural reasoning for an argument.

If you improve your skills and behavior of the mind, your brain will start working critically.

critical thinking

You have to thoroughly look into every situation critically if you want to take right decisions. A critical thinker knows what, when,where and how to react in a particular condition. He will never make a rush and hurry. He is an observer of all the activities and happenings around him. Whatever may be the situation, it is never impossible for him to solve any problem. He is a good decision maker as discussed earlier.

A critical thinker practices the skill so well that his mind is always ready for the possible outcomes of any problem or a difficult situation. So, his mind automatically lists out the solutions to any difficulty that comes on his way.

A critical thinker not only learns from his own past experiences but also the mistakes made by other people and makes sure that nothing irrelevant happens in the present and future as well. He tries to make the best conclusions out of certain circumstances.



Society comprises of different people with different mind sets. If all the people in a community start thinking critically, maximum number of problems will be solved automatically because everyone will think in favour and well being of each and every person living in the community.

Critical thinking plays a crucial role in building a society. Higher the number of critical thinkers, more developed the society will be. So, our motive should be in acquiring the ability to think critically as it will ultimately help in growing a better companionship.


question mark

Many people believe that to think critically is to criticize but, let me clear one thing, that, critical thinking does not mean negative thinking. There is a huge difference between critical and negative thinking that we must understand.

no negativity

Critical thinking involves lot of research and evaluation but negative thinking just involves the mind with random thoughts of having a worse situation. So, it’s better to control your mind and not get influenced by negative thoughts. We must know the reason why we should not get indulge in negative things and try to take negative comments positively because it is the only way you will get to know the difference.

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