5 Horrible Mistakes While Singing That Can Destroy Your Voice

Horrible mistakes while singing

Singing is something that should create an impact directly to a listener’s heart. But, there are some singers who are making some disastrous mistakes that should be seriously taken care of. So, if you are a singer, you must avoid these 5 horrible mistakes while singing that can destroy your voice.

I have been in this profession for about more than 11 years. As I meet a lot of singers, there are certain common problems that i notice in most of today’s singers. It is undoubtedly true that no one is perfect but you should atleast try to be somewhere near perfection. That’s the only way can make yourself stand out of the crowd.

5 Horrible Mistakes While Singing That Can Destroy Your Voice

1. Bad Posture

bad singing postures

Posture is a very important factor that can affect your singing. If you are having a very stiff back, it will make you uncomfortable. Also, if the alignment is downwards, it can cause negative effects as well. Many of the singers do not have a defined sitting/standing posture while singing that can create issues like early tiredness,body stiffness,back aches and can also make you uncomfortable while performing.

So, it is highly advised to pre define your body postures while practicing and only go for those ones in which you are comfortable because your small irresponsible behavior while practicing can cause you a lot during your singing performance.

2. Improper Breathing

improper breathing techniques

Breathing is the most essential factor in singing as it brings stability if you breathe properly. But, if your breathing habits are uneven, it can also make your voice unstable due to which you can sound unpleasant. It is one of the most horrible mistakes made while singing.

The listener wants to listen a voice that goes smoothly into his senses. Nobody wants to hear a bumpy voice with improper breathing. You must acknowledge when and where you have to breathe according to the requirement of the song. You need to learn certain breathing techniques that will help you in improving your voice culture. It requires a lot of practice of course, but once you attain it, it will be a victory for life.

3. Incomplete Knowledge

horrible mistakes while singing

We all know that, half or incomplete knowledge is dangerous. It will be a matter of shame if you would not be able to answer someone’s question from the audience. So, always grab all the knowledge about what so ever you are going to perform on stage.

If you don’t have complete knowledge about what you are singing, you are less likely to create a powerful impact on the audiences. There is always a requirement for better understanding about your song. You must understand each and every single point about songs you are going to perform so that you can give your one hundred percent.

4. Facial Expressions

facial expressions

Too much of everything is bad. And, same goes with too much less. There are two types of singers:

  • giving over expressions
  • lacking expressions

Both can be harmful. If you give lots of unwanted expressions while singing, it will become a matter of laughter among audiences. People will make fun of you. Also, if you give no expressions at all, people will see you as a dead body on the stage. It will seem like you are just lipsing on some recorded track playing behind you.

Your expressions should be genuine and most importantly, natural. Some of the singers try to fake their expressions while singing which looks really ugly to the viewers. There is no need to make yourself look like an idiot on the stage. Everyone has the ability to judge if the expressions are fake or genuine. So, there is no need to get over excited as you can not fool the audience.

5. Bad Song Selection

horrible mistakes while singing
pic source:women’shealth.com

Choosing a song above your skill set is the biggest and the most common mistake a singer makes. If you are a professional singer, you definitely should know about your genre and the type of songs that you should perform. Your only motto should be to perform the best of the bests that you can.

There are certain singers, who are just beginners but pick up a difficult song to impress people but end up fooling themselves. Trying new things is good but you should also keep in mind whether that new thing suits your voice or not. Otherwise you will face some issues in the professional world if you fail.

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