5 Effective Vocal Warm Ups That Every Singer Does Before Performing.

Just like our body needs warm up before exercising or doing any physical activity , our vocal chords also need warm ups. This warm up is different from the physical warm up because you do not need to stretch your whole body. The only part that comes into action are your vocal cords. There are a lots of vocal exercises you need to do before performing anywhere. All the celebrities and performers do vocal warm ups before singing. I am going to reveal the best and most preferred warm ups that can lift your voice before the show.

vocal warm up
vocal warm up

1. Try To Hum.

Best way to start the warm up is to start humming. You can practice the sound of hmmm which will help you in warming up your vocal cords. Practice in such a way that you can feel the vibration on your lips while humming. You can firstly set your scale on which you are going to sing, then you can match the sound of hum with that scale. Doing this will help in opening up your vocals.

girl humming

2. Practice Do Re Me (Sa Re Ga)

Practicing the 7 notes will definitely help you in building a good base of your voice. You can continuously rehearse these notes so that there will be a lesser chance of you getting out of tune. Try to hit all the notes properly and accurately. When you will practice in systematic order from lower to higher, and vice versa, you will be able to comfort your range.

do re me notes
do re me notes

3. Sing Lower Notes

Singing lower notes will help you in opening your vocal cords. It will help in increasing your range in higher notes as well. The more you will rehearse lower notes, the more you will be able to sing higher notes. The highly qualified musicians always suggest to practice lower notes before performance as it is really helpful.

lower notes
singing lower notes

4. Breathe Properly

The most important thing to be kept in mind is proper breathing. You must use proper breathing techniques to avoid breaks and cracks. Breathe in and breathe out accurately to make sure that your voice does not breaks while your performance.You can also practice some of Yoga techniques for improving breathe control.

breathing technique
breathing technique

5. Stay Mum For Some Time

Do not talk much before the show even if you are talkative. Try to be silent and concentrate on what you are going to perform. You can also meditate a little and try to avoid conversations. Focus on your performance. You have to keep yourself away from every distraction. Only then you will be able to sing properly. Your mind should only be focused towards your singing.

girl meditating


You should always try your best to and give your 100% while performing. And this possible only when you practice daily because it is the only way to improve your voice culture. It is very true that your voice gets better when you practice daily. If you are curious to know the best ways to improve your voice quality, you can follow the given link.


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